Optomed Pharmaceuticals

At Optomed™ Pharmaceuticals only the purest, Pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used to develop the supplements we offer. You’re body deserves the best possible products - Optomed™ Pharmaceuticals delivers them.


your healthcare partner for life
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Clinical Quality Products for Therapeutic Results

When it comes to your health, only the best will do. Dr. Sam Walters' Optomed™ Pharmaceuticals line of supplements are the result of extensive clinical research utilizing the most advanced technology.

Our professional team of physicians, scientists, biochemists and technicians deliver clinical grade products that make a difference. We invite you to visit www.OptomedOnline.com to browse our product selection.

To order Dr. Walters' Optomed Pharmaceuticals visit www.OptomedOnline.com

Dr. Sam Walters' Optomed Pharmaceuticals

Optomed at Home Weight Loss System

The Optomed™ Weight Loss Protocol is the talk of the Valley, and now you can experience the benefits of safe, rapid weight loss at home with the Optomed at Home Weight Loss System, including Dr. Sam's revolutionary WillPower appetite suppressant.



Doctors Detox - AS SEEN ON TV!

Doctors Detox by Dr. Sam Walters is a national sensation. Don't waste another minutes - join the detox revolution and feel all the energy, stamina, focus you deserve, and finally say goodbye to gas, bloating, fatigue and that heavy, sluggish feeling for good.



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